Track & Infrastructure

Track Maintenance Machines

We offer complete solutions and equipment for mechanized track maintenance including tamping machines, flash butt welders, ballast cleaning and rail grinding machines.

Rail Profile Measurement

We offer state of the art Nextsense contact-less system that can be used to record dimensions of various rail profiles and turnouts. The data can be compared with pre-defined limits to assess wear.

Embedded Slab Track

We offer a complete embedded track fastening system for stations, workshops, level crossings and tunnels which reduces noise and offers ease of track cleaning and maintenance.

Thermit Welding

We offer a complete range of high quality supplies for aluminothermic welding process. This includes luting sand/paste, igniters, thimbles, single shot and long life crucibles as well thermit portions for all types of rails used worldwide.

Buffer Stops

We offer several types of buffer stops with customizable friction elements which can be adapted for all types of railway track applications

Rails & Fastening Systems

We offer class leading UIC and EN standard rails and fastening equipment from world renowned manufacturers.

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