Diesel Locomotive Spares


Remanufactured Locomotive Engines

We offer complete locomotive engines in cooperation with our AAR certified and approved manufacturer.

Turbochargers & Spares

We supply complete turbochargers and high quality spare parts for ALCO, GE, EMD & Dalian Locomotives.

Traction Motors & Spares

We offer a wide range of new and remanufactured traction motors with spares such as armatures, rewind kits and commutators for leading American & Chinese locomotives

Locomotive Air Compressors

In partnership with a leading US manufacturer we supply water-cooled and air-cooled compressors and compressor-exhausters including 3 cylinder, 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder models for a variety of locomotive applications.

Wheels & Axles

We supply AAR certified wheels and axles for all types of locomotives, passenger coaches and freight wagons.

Dynamic Braking Products

We offer best in class dynamic braking complete modules (motor, fan, resistor, top cover and cables) for railway locomotive applications.

Diesel Engine Crankshafts

We have partnered with a world class manufacturer to develop and supply new crankshafts for most commonly used American and Chinese locomotives.

Diesel Engine Spares

We supply cylinder liners, cylinder heads, connecting rods, pistons, piston rings, main & conrod bearings, valve spindles, valve seats, valve springs, fuel injection parts, o-rings, gaskets and sealing sets for ALCO, GE, EMD and Dalian locomotives.

Shock Absorbers & Dampers

We supply an extensive range of maintenance free twin tube primary & secondary dampers in modular design for rail vehicles.

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